tru|design metalsmithing

Jennifer Trude finds inspiration everywhere: art, design, people, nature, research, adventure. She found a home in the Columbia River Gorge, via 10 years of wanderlust, which sustained a balance: connection + solitude, spirituality + secularism, nature + culture.

She earned her B.F.A. in Sculpture, working with bronze, iron, steel, wood & stone in a large format, and learned traditional metalsmithing and modern jewelry making techniques as an apprentice under a master craftsman and gemologist. Creating small intimate objects has now captured her creative strengths. Process drives every piece: in combining time honored, old world techniques & craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic, each piece organically evolves from a design created to accentuate balance, originality and timelessness.

trudesign metalsmithing is committed to the sustainability of our communities and natural resources. All work is handcrafted using recycled metals and stones sourced from responsible, fair trade practices.