from marfa

Handmade Travel Inspired Leather Goods and Gifts

As a military kid, Jessica Marfa was shuttled around the country with her family. Movement and adventure must have seeped into her blood because travel became a heartbeat and wanderlust a vision. In college, restaurant tips got saved to explore world which followed a path back to the closest thing she had to a childhood home in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland provided freedom and space to re-connect with rest and with herself.  The creator that was always inside had room to experiment and play. She connected with leatherwork [creating beautiful things that had function and purpose], with upcycling materials [making new out of old and minimizing the impact on waste] and traditional craftsmanship [making classic pieces as they have been made for centuries.]  

Naturally, her focus has been on creating products for travel, whether it is a passport holder for visiting abroad or a tote bag or wallet for every day. From Marfa with Love is a reflection of Jessica's roots and her heart.